Our Line of Handmade Chocolates


We specialize in making fine European style Belgian Truffles also known as Bon Bons, and Pralines, which are filled with exquisite ganache centers, enrobed in the finest covertures available.  Our confectionary selections also includes Icicle Truffles, Almond encrusted English Toffee, Assorted fruit and nut and plain Chocolate bars. We prepare our special Hot Chocolate mix in Dark Chocolate. Our Vanilla caramels are hand dipped in luscious milk chocolate or dark chocolate and sprinkled with Australian pink sea salt. Addictive Almond Cocoa Nuts are caramelized almonds enrobed in dark chocolate and drenched in rich Swiss Cocoa. We also prepare a variety of seasonal molded chocolate figurines that are available only in our retail store due to their fragility.


Assorted Fine Handmade Chocolates

Raspberry Crown
Milk chocolate ganache folded in raspberry puree and a splash of
Chambord covered in a dark chocolate crown.



Toasted Coconut
White chocolate ganache combined with fresh toasted coconut enrobed in 61% dark chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of fresh coconut



Dried tart cherry
A rich creamy chocolate ganache mixed with tart Montmorency dried cherries and a splash of brandy finished in a dark chocolate shell.



Bavarian Milk Chocolate Ganache
Rich smooth 50% milk chocolate ganache enrobed in a 38% milk chocolate shell



Gold Coast Ginger
Australian crystallized ginger is surrounded by dark chocolate ganache
finished in dark chocolate.



Mocha Java
Fresh roasted Mocha Java beans are infused in cream and blended with milk chocolate, coated in a dark chocolate shell.



Dark chocolate enrobes a duo of orange milk
Chocolate and creamy white chocolate ganache infused with fresh lemon.



Passion fruit
A creamy white chocolate filling
bursting with the flavor of sweet passion fruit, enrobed in dark and white chocolate.


A roasted hazelnut is surrounded by rich praline nougat then covered in milk chocolate.



Sunshine Coast Truffle
Fresh lemon, lime and orange are infused in a white chocolate ganache then bathed in white chocolate.


A soft buttery caramel combined with fresh roasted pecans in a sweet milk chocolate shell.





Dark bittersweet chocolate with fresh cream finished in a dark
chocolate shell





Golden Cinnamon
Milk chocolate ganache flavored with Goldschlager cinnamon liquor surrounded in dark chocolate and gold leaf flecks.





Creamy Caramel
Rich creamy vanilla caramel enrobed in dark chocolate.



Earl Grey
Double bergamot tea infused in fresh cream and milk chocolate finished in a milk chocolate coating.



Rum Raisin
A white chocolate shell holds a creamy milk chocolate
ganache flavored with dark rum and mixed with sweet raisins.





Layers of hazelnut flavored milk and dark dipped in milk chocolate finished with a candied hazelnut.





Brandied Pear Caramel
Dried Washington pears combined with brandy and a sweet buttery caramel in a milk chocolate shell.
Freshness disclaimer
Our Fine Handmade Chocolates are made fresh and do not contain any preservatives. We recommend that they are enjoyed within 7 days of purchase. They are best enjoyed at their optimal serving temperature which 68-70 degrees or at room temperature.

Our chocolates contain some nuts and nut products, they are prepared in a kitchen that also handles nuts in the preparation of other products. We recommend that if you have allergies to any products associated with candy production that you purchase and consume products that you know are safe for your consumption. There are an increasingly number of allergies and we take every precaution to keep our customers informed, please read the tri-fold descriptor for items used in the flavoring of our Bon Bons.

Premium Chocolate, Cocoa Mass, Cream, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Nuts, Almonds, Pecans, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Walnuts, Evaporated Milk, Butter, Honey, Cherries, Raspberries, Grand Marnier, Chambord, Amaretto, Rum, Kahula, Brandy, Citrus Zest, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Citric Acid, Ground Coffee, Chai spice, Earl Grey, Cinnamon, Lavender, Ginger, Sea Salt, Soy Lecithin,